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Specialty Lens Tinting

Specialty Lens Tinting

Dyslexic Tints

  • Rx Safety has been offering a service for Dyslexic tints for over 10 years
  • Dyslexic tints require highly specific and precise colours to be effective.  As manufacturers we have the expertise and skill to make Dyslexic tint colours to your specification
  • Dyslexic tints are matched to the LEE and GAM range of colours and we have matched over 70 variants of shades for Dyslexic Tints
  • We can also match tints very precisely for other Dyslexic systems

Blue Blocker Tint Lenses


  • Rx Safety makes blue blocker lenses for protecting wearers against blue light using in UV light curing in dental applications

 FL41 Tint Lenses

  • Rx Safety can supply FL41 tints for assisting patients with the Blepharospasm condition
  • Tint density is as per customers specification.  Our experience is that either 57% and 70% absorption will provide the best results for your patients


 * Please note that we are unable to tint Glass lenses *

UV Tint Products

Rx Safety UV Tint Concentrate is supplied in 500ml bottles and features fast UV Dye uptake rates and excellent tank longevity.

While these products are mainly sold in the Australian Market, International enquiries are most welcome.